Our Mission

At Shape Your Mind, our vision is to provide a genuine service for individuals and groups who are suffering with eating, dieting and weight-related issues. The number of people in our society who are unhappy with their bodies and the way they eat is outrageous – there are so many mixed messages out there and it is almost impossible for individuals to know which advice to follow!

Our mission is to teach people to get back in touch with their bodies and to start listening to the signals that they have learned to ignore over the years – often from a very young age.

We aim to teach people how to trust themselves and their bodies, and to start treating themselves with respect, both inside and out. We want food and eating to become a joyful, nurturing, and pleasurable experience, rather than something that is consumed with stress and guilt and rigid rules.

There are literally millions of sites out there offering ‘quick-fix’ solutions that don’t address the real problem. Shape Your Mind offers something different – expertise, knowledge and professionalism – to help you Change Your Life for good!