Body Image Concerns

What is Body Image?

  • Body image is how you perceive your physical self, and the thoughts and feelings that you experience as a result of that perception.
  • Poor body image can lead to significant psychological distress and can be associated with disordered eating behaviours, social isolation and low mood.
  • Many people think body image is directly related to what they look like, and therefore they think they need to change their body in order to improve their body image – this is not the case! With the right tools and strategies, body image can be vastly improved without changing your appearance at all. This is because we can work on how you feel about your body without actually changing your body.


Clinical Psychologist

All of the Clinical Psychologists at Shape Your Mind are experts in the treatment of eating disorders and have extensive experience with inpatient, day patient and outpatient settings. We also work with very experienced dietitians, GPs and psychiatrists, as a team approach tends to give the best possible outcomes.

Individual Sessions

The cost of individual sessions is $215. With a referral from your GP. Medicare offers a significant rebate for 10 sessions per year.

*Medicare will not offer a rebate for Skype or phone sessions at this stage.


Shape Your Mind offers face-to-face treatment in their Sydney clinic, or via Skype.
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