What We Do

Our psychologists and dietitians are all eating-disorder credentialed, and are experienced in helping adults recover from all types of eating disorders and disordered eating, body image concerns and related issues, including trauma, depression and anxiety.

At Shape Your Mind we are passionate about helping you develop the tools and strategies you need to change your unhelpful coping patterns, as well as identifying and processing any underlying issues that might be contributing to the way you feel.

We believe that health is not just about the physical or physiological state of the body – it’s also about the psychological, the emotional and the total wellbeing of the whole person.

Our Commitment

At Shape Your Mind we believe that everybody deserves to be treated with respect, and every body deserves to be treated with respect.

We are committed to inclusivity and understand that eating disorders come in all shapes, sizes and genders, and can happen to anyone at any point in their life-span.

We take a compassionate, trauma-informed approach to working with our clients and are committed to providing a safe therapeutic environment.

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At Shape Your Mind we offer something different: expertise, knowledge and compassion – to help you Change your Life for good.


Shape Your Mind is dedicated to helping you gain control of your eating and to improve your body image and self-esteem…for life!