Meet the Team


Olivia Patrick

Clinical Psychologist & Director
MA Psych (Hons); M Psych (Clin) Hons

Pikria Meladze

Psychologist & Clinical Psychology Registrar
BSc (Phys & Psych); Grad Dip (Psych); Postgrad Dip (Prof Psych); M Psych (Clin)

Rachel Simeone​​

BBSc; Postgrad Dip (Psych)

Joanna Williams

Psychologist & Clinical Psychology Registrar
BSc (Psych); Grad Dip (Psych); MA Gerontology; M Psych (Clin)​

Dr Phillip Aouad

Provisional Psychologist
MA (Crim.); GradDipPsych(Adv); PhD (Science, Psychology)


Sarah Ghebranious​​

Accredited Practising Dietitian
BSc. (Nutrition and Food); MND​

Rebecca Anderson

Accredited Practising Dietitian
BSc NutrDiet (Hons); B AppSci (Ex&SpSc); M Phty​


Sharni Poll


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